The Partnership for Economic Inclusion (PEI) is a new global partnership with a mission to support the adoption of national economic inclusion programs that increase the earnings and assets of extreme poor and vulnerable households. PEI brings together global stakeholders to catalyze country-level innovation and global knowledge. It is hosted by the Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice of the World Bank.

The PEI aims to create cost-effective and scalable investments for extreme poor and vulnerable populations, including women, people with disabilities, indigenous communities, and others. The PEI work program is organized around the following three priorities, which are devised to be mutually reinforcing:

Country Engagement

Harnessing global expertise and providing technical advice and support for selected governments to design, implement, scale-up, and continuously improve their economic inclusion programs.

Innovation and Learning

Supporting innovations and research activities focused on bridging gaps in knowledge and practice; improving the performance of government programs; and informing global operations and advisory services.

Global Knowledge Sharing

Strengthening knowledge exchange by establishing a digital platform and identifying and distilling good practices, guidelines, tools, and training for diverse audiences and contexts.

Additional Resources

A complete website is in development. Additional information and links to resources are available at the FinDev Gateway website.

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