Jobs are at the core of development. Partnerships are essential to effectively tackle the global jobs crisis that countries face today

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Why Jobs?

The developing world faces a jobs crisis that hampers efforts to end extreme poverty and to boost shared prosperity. Over two billion people of working age are not participating in the labor force, and around 200 million people are unemployed. The developing world is confronted by a jobs challenge on three levels:

Creating around 40 million jobs per year over the next 15 years to increase employment rates and absorb the young people entering the labor force, particularly in Sub-Saharan African and South Asia. This means enhancing the conditions for private sector growth.

Increasing productivity of jobs across the spectrum of activities to create as many formal jobs as possible while also working to improve productivity and earnings of jobs in the informal sector.

Helping connect people to jobs to ensure that those who are able to work have the incentives to do so, have information about the types of jobs available, the ability to move to the regions where jobs are created, and have skills that are required in today’s job market.

Latest News

Well-Educated Young Workers, a Missed Opportunity for Development

Jobs and economic transformation are fundamental to the process of development. Quality jobs are the surest pathway out of poverty, and having the right skills is crucial to accessing them. Thus, youth skills are a key component of both the labor market prospects for young people and broader economic development. In many…

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Creating Jobs Requires Economic Transformation and Investments in Human Capital

Creating new and better jobs is critical to ending extreme poverty and to fostering sustainable development. We know that jobs are the most direct pathway out of poverty. And the challenge is immense: 600 million new jobs will be needed over the next 15 years to keep employment rates stable. In many poor countries, too few-high productivity jobs are being created.