The JDS Practitioners Network aims to bring together specialists from across the globe and across professional disciplines, who are working on jobs diagnostics and are developing jobs strategies.

Priorities include:

  • Promote learning about and facilitate dissemination of the World Bank’s Jobs Diagnostic tools and strategies
  • Develop jobs benchmarks and typologies that help diagnose the different jobs problems countries face and observe the stage of economic transformation they have reached
  • Support the development community’s collective understanding of jobs and economic transformation (JET) by identifying successful transformers and highlighting the policies and programs that supported their transformation

Data, Tools and Guidance

This resource contains disaggregated and comparable global jobs indicators for all countries for which the World Bank has standardized labor variables from household surveys. It also includes the latest data tools and guidelines produced by the World Bank’s Jobs Group for country Jobs Diagnostics and our latest reports and standardized outputs.

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The Global Jobs Indicators Database (JoIn) presents – for 150 countries- more than 60 of the standardized labor supply indicators which are most commonly used in country Jobs Diagnostics. These cover socio-demographics, labor force status and employment type, employment composition by sector and occupation, education level completed, hours worked, and earnings.

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Jobs and Structural Change Blog Series

This blog series presents and deepens key global findings from the Jobs Group of the World Bank on Jobs and Structural Change in the context of Jobs Diagnostics.
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The Jobs Diagnostics and Solutions Core Course provides a comprehensive training on conducting a Jobs Diagnostics (JD) through theoretical and empirical techniques. The training explores concepts such as country benchmarking and guided inquiry to identify jobs problems and develop jobs strategies.

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