Jobs Diagnostic Online Tools

Job Diagnostic Data

The Jobs Diagnostic data, tools, and guidance page holds disaggregated and comparable global jobs indicators for all countries for which the World Bank has standardized labor variables from household surveys that are in the World Bank’s micro data library. You will also find the latest data tools and guidelines produced by the World Bank’s Jobs Group for country Jobs Diagnostics and our latest reports and standardized outputs.

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Job Diagnostic Online Tools

The Jobs Diagnostic Tools page contains a range of useful tools to identify the main jobs challenges faced by a country—especially those that appear to be binding constraints to improving jobs outcomes for poor people and vulnerable communities. Click here for an introduction to the tools. These tools are designed to assist users in conducting jobs diagnostics.

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Job Diagnostics and Solutions Practitioners Network

The JDS Practitioners Network is a knowledge sharing and learning platform for officials, development practitioners, researchers and World Bank Group staff involved in developing cross-sector Jobs Strategies for countries, regions, and municipalities within countries. To learn more read the network, visit the website.