The Jobs Group developed seven short but in-depth Solutions Notes addressing key jobs challenges. The Jobs Solutions Notes synthesize findings from the Jobs Umbrella Multidonor Trust Fund (MDTF)-funded activities and other sources based on research, evaluations, pilots, and operations. The seven Solutions Notes are:

Adapting Skills Training To Address Constraints To Women’s Participation 

Adapting Jobs Policies And Programs In The Face Of Accelerated Technological Change 

Agriculture, Jobs, And Value Chains In Africa 

Jobs Interventions For Young Women In The Digital Economy 

Supporting Jobs In Fragility, Conflict, And Violence (FCV) Situations 

Addressing Employment Obstacles for Young Syrian Refugee Women 

Jobs Interventions for Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons

The Solutions Notes – based on broad consultation for a specific topic and relevant to jobs – succinctly analyze efforts and challenges and provides a candid evaluation of what has worked, and what does not, using a clear format:

  • Motivation: Lays out the problem.
  • What Are We Doing: Describes all WBG, Jobs MDTF, and other development partner efforts.
  • What Works: Identifies key strategies and specific program aspects proven effective.
  • What Next: Identifies knowledge gaps and a research and investment agenda to close them.

While the range of evidence and scale of application vary, the Solutions Notes provide a meaningful and accessible resource to transfer curated knowledge, solutions and approaches to practitioners—especially project managers for jobs-related interventions—across the world.


Link: List of all Jobs Group Publications