About Us

The Jobs Group is a cross-cutting unit at the World Bank that brings together partnerships to extend integrated knowledge, identify best practices, and seek solutions that create jobs. Being cross-cutting means that we work across different areas, sectors and departments.

Our Mission

To support the World Bank Group client countries in the design and implementation of integrated, multi-sector job strategies, and to mobilize global knowledge in addressing the jobs challenge.

Our Goal

To work at the regional and sectoral levels to create jobs strategies that can address three main challenges:

Creating jobs in the formal sector

Improving the quality of informal jobs

Increasing job opportunities for the most vulnerable

But, who are the most vulnerable?

We have identified potential policies and programs that could solve these three main challenges.

Private Sector Investments: mobilizing private sector investments conditional on job creation and higher labor productivity growth.

Agriculture: improving productivity, working conditions and access to markets in agriculture.

Spatial Development: urban and regional planning for distribution of economic activities in various zones to attract businesses and workers.

Trade: rethinking trade policies to expand our knowledge on how trade integration, such as global value chains integration versus commodity exporting, shapes labor market outcomes. Meaning how trade shapes jobs, wages, and their distribution across sectors and skill levels.

Labor Policies: modernizing labor policies to better protect workers and facilitate labor market transitions.